Air humidification for yarns and fabrics

Very sensitive materials react quickly to dry or excessively humid air. Fibres become brittle, textile fabrics contract or expand. This leads to considerable loss of quality already during production.

In addition, the static charge also damages the further processing of yarns and fabrics, in that charged fibres strive apart, are difficult to card or comb and stick to the guide eyelets.

MaterialApplicationTemperature °CRelative humidity %
Silkspin22 to 2565 to 70
Silkweave22 to 2560 to 70
Woolcarding/combing20 to 2565 to 80
Woolfirst spinning22 to 2560 to 65
Woolring spinning22 to 2555 to 60
Woolweave22 to 2555 to 65
Cottonpretreatment20 to 2550 to 60
Cottoncarding20 to 2565 to 70
Cottoncombing20 to 2555 to 65
Cottonspin20 to 2540 to 65
Cottonweave22 to 2570 to 85
Cottonfinishing20 to 2565