Room sensor RC02A

The room sensor RC02A is a maintenance-free CO2air quality sensor with traffic light display and acoustic signal, self-calibrating, for determining the CO2content of the room air. The transmitter converts the measured variable into a standard signal, which is visually displayed directly via colored LEDs (traffic light display) in five stages.



  • mobile version ready for immediate use
  • 5 LEDs in three colors and graduated luminosity for clear indication of the CO2concentration in the room
  • self-calibrating and maintenance-free
  • incl. stainless steel stand


Technical Data
Measuring range CO2 ppm 0 to 3000
Measuring accuracy ppm ±30
Temperature dependency CO2 ppm/°C ±5
Pressure dependency %/mm ±0,13
Gas exchange Diffusion
Running-in period h ca. 1
Response time min < 2
Circuit type 2-wire circuit (no reverse polarity protection!)
Ambient temperature °C 0 to +50
Sensor optical NDIR sensor (non-dispersive infrared technology),
with manual calibration (via zero button), with automatic calibration (can be switched off via DIP switch)
Housing Plastic, material ABS, color pure white (similar to RAL 9010)
Farbe Reinweiß (ähnlich RAL 9010)
Dimensions mm 85 x 85 x 27
Long-term stability % < 2
Protection class III (acc. EN 60730)
Degree of protection IP 30 (acc. EN 60529)


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