Ultrasonic humidifier LRP4.0

The ultrasonic humidifier LRP4.0 is a room humidifier of the LRP series with a humidifying capacity of 4.0 kg/h. It has its own control board including a 7-segment display and a pushbutton for parameterization. As standard a drain valve for flushing or draining the ultrasonic humidifier is integrated.

  • cross-flow fans for optimum distribution of humidity.
  • continuous fog production by application of an on-site voltage signal.
  • operating and alarm messages via potential-free contacts for connection to the building control system.


  • fog guide elements with drip ring
  • cross-flow fans for optimal throwing distance
  • humidity production without distortion
  • integrated drain valve
  • operating and alarm signal


Technical Data
Capacity kg/h 4,0
Power consumption VA
Dimension (HxBxT) mm 211 x 496,5 x 218 mm
Unladen weight kg
Operating weight kg
Power supply V/Ph/Hz 48/1/50 to 60
Operating current A
Cable cross section, min. mm² 2x 1,5
Proportional Yes (0 bis 10 V DC)
Hygrostat yes (ON-OFF)
Ambient temperature °C +1 to +45
Relative humidity r.F. < 90
Feedwater temperature °C +1 to +40
Water inlet pressure bar 0,2 to 4
Water conductivity µS/cm < 80
Hardness of water °dH < 1


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